Marjolaine Goldsmith

Marjolaine Goldsmith is an actress born, raised and based in New York.

She is an alumna of Oberlin college, where she studied classical civilization. .

Now, she is a proud member of Theater of War Productions, a social impact company that utilizes plays and other texts, mostly greek tragedies, to spark discussions about a variety of public health and social issues. For more information about her work with Theater of War Productions check out this article.

At Theater of War Productions she unites all of the things she cares about in one job—acting, classics, and social justice—confirming her formless hunch that all three were inextricably linked. Marjolaine was brought on to Theater of War Productions as both an actor and Company Manager, and also serves as Producer of TAPE, the company’s project on sexual assault, consent. and power dynamics. Marjolaine finds a wealth of purpose in her work and feels very fortunate to be a part of Theater of War Productions’ core team.

She currently studies acting with Wynn Handman.

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